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Business Automation, Process Improvement, Custom Solutions

Business Automation

Automation of repetitive tasks using the latest tools in the industry or a combination of tools, tricks and cutting edge solutions.

Process Improvement

Whether you've out grown your old way of doing things, or you are spending too much time working for your technology, we can find another way.

Software Development

The solution you are looking for probably already exist and we can help you find it. If by some chance it doesn't exist, we can help you build it.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes you know you have a problem, but don't know what the solution is. Finding answers to original problems is our specialty.


About Us

After over a decade of software development, business operations, and executive-level services, I still struggle with explaining what we do. No matter where we start in an organization, we end up providing a similar service, a service that has enormous demand, but no clear name.

The Problem.
You're a business manager/owner. You know you have something wrong with your business. You need a solution. Maybe software. Maybe a Process. Perhaps just the right person to manage everything. Probably a combination of the above and possibly in multiple business domains.

What do you do next?Option 1. Do it yourself
Option 2. Get a management consultant
Option 3. Find an expert for a particular product
Option 4. Contract with a software development firm
Option 5. Hire a full-time executive

All five options are viable and may deliver outstanding results, but each is based on an incentive model that creates tension between the agent and the client. I've spent years thinking about how to resolve this inherent problem. What struck me was a need for a different approach. An approach that I had been ultimately hired for many times. What clients often were asking for was an independent 3rd party that worked in their best interest. It seems like an easy ask, but almost impossible to find. So I set out to build an Option 6.

Option 6.
In essence, a generalist blending of technical skills, business knowledge and operations. If someone needs a specific solution to a general problem, we're who they call. If clients are looking for a conflict-free list of available options, we do that as well. While we do set up automation tools, write reports and even build completely custom software from scratch, we specialize in tailored solutions. Solutions that we are independent from and are often one of a kind. We are the people you call when you don't know what you need or how to achieve it. Truth be told, we may not know how to solve your problem either, but we are the kind of people who can figure it out.
-Mark (Founder and Chief Problem Solver)

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